I Was Not Born With A Golden Spoon Essay

1016 Words Dec 18th, 2016 5 Pages
I was not born with a golden spoon in my mouth. My parents are not millionaires. During their teenage years, they also suffered from deprivation which was an inescapable aftermath of the Vietnam War, and did not get an opportunity for higher education. More than anyone else, they deeply understand the importance of knowledge in the modern society. As a result, one of their indispensable lessons for me is the value of education. To my conservative parents, an education is the powerful key to improve their lives. To me, education is important since it conveys more than book knowledge. Education is a crucial tool of multidimensional development, including an individual’s character, skills and lifestyle.
Significantly, I have persevered through mental obstacles to pursue a better education. A thirty-hour exhausting flight physically transported me from Vietnam to a foreign land - Corpus Christi, and figuratively transformed a childish girl to a young adult at the age of fifteen. From the moment that I stepped out of the airplane, a new chapter of my life began unbeknownst to me. After a chain of uplifting and exciting feelings, the reality mercilessly ruined my flawless illusion. Language limitations and cultural shock immediately affected my academic record. School turned out to be an endless nightmare since I was trapped in my own world longing for “the good old days”. The sudden stab of loneliness and constant academic failures truly drained me out. I began doubting my…

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