I Want For My Free Time After School Essays

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For twenty years of my life, I have never done any volunteer activities for the soceity. Although I have donated money to some of the organisations, I have never joined any activities physically. As in the class Social Ethic: Phil 123C we discussed at the beginning of the semester about “you” and “me”, I always think in term of “me” instead of thinking for the soceity. I want all my free time after school is only dedicated for myself, even if I just doing nothing for a whole day. When I take the class Social Ethic: Phil 123C I see an opportunity for me to contribute my work for the soceity where I am living in now because it is also required by Suffolk University before my graduation. At first, there were many options and organisations for me to choose, and I can see some of them fit my interests. I was so excited because I have never worked for profit or non-profit job before, so I see the opportunity as a chance for me to experience the working environment. One of the options I had was working for St. Francis House which located on Boylston street, and it is very closed to the university. I decided right away that I would volunteer for the St. Francis House.
At first, I have a very little expectation about the job which I would take. I thought that volunteer was the work depend on my generosity and there was no strong commitment between the volunteer and the agency. I even felt a little bit nervous and scared when I had to enter the building, because they had a scan…

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