Rutgers University Personal Statement

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The first and foremost reason I decided to apply to Rutgers University is because I wanted to pursue my education and dream as a Biomedical Engineer at such a prestigious school. I very am impressed by the university’s faculty, diversity and educational achievements as I browse through its official website. The UW-Madison is a public university that offers a compendium of learning experience and opportunities under many great undergraduate programs. As a matter of fact, the UW-Madison is ranked amongst the top hundred universities in the world, along with its motto “Numen Lumen”, which translates as ‘God, our light’. As a student, I would definitely take advantage of the wide range of golden opportunities around me at the university. All of …show more content…
There are multi events hosted by the student organizations to raise awareness, promote a campaign or develop a closer bond between the communities. From my personal experience, I have participated in a few volunteering programs in my country. One of the remarkable volunteering memory is when I have to look after a group of veterans in a senior care. As a lesson learnt, I have inculcated good code of ethics in me. I am determined to take part in the extra curriculum actively at Rutgers to share and practice what I learn from my experience. Furthermore, Rutgers offers numerous internship programs for the students. This could develop the students’ job skills that are beneficial after graduation. The abundance of activities and special programs at Rutgers will allow me to increase my extracurricular involvement while studying.
To summarize all of my points, Rutgers University has retained its top spot as the “dream university” of many students in every nook and corner of the world. As for me, this is the place that I desired to spend my whole two years studying Biomedical Engineering. I will not miss to grasp the opportunities around me at Rutgers in shaping myself to be a well-rounded student who has a sheer balance between her curricular and extracurricular activities.. I really hope that I will be accepted to study at this university so that I can be successful in the real world life after my

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