Essay on I Learned A Lot About How Different Countries

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After reading the education chapter, I learned a lot about how different countries education system works, and how I can relate it to my personal life. For many of the countries, the education system tells a lot about how the country is doing financially.
Most of the lower class countries have this in common: the young people are not required to attempt school and there forth the level of education is significant lower across the country. Because of the lack of education, those countries struggle with their economy. The upper class countries makes it mandatory for young people to attempt school. Because of those laws that are put in place, the country has a greater number of educated people that can guide the economy in the right direction. Over the span of a hundred years, the level of education is rising nationwide and that is a good sign, especially for the lower class countries that are struggling to keep their heads above water when it comes to their economy. Many of the lower countries are starting to invest in education because they are finally noticing, that is the way to become a healthy economy. Education is seen different from country to country. Just because we live in America and see how important education is, does not mean that is how the rest of the world views education. I came to Chicago from Europe when I was 9 years old. I completed first and second grade in
Romania and when I arrived,…

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