I Have Never Considered Myself A Writer Essay

778 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 4 Pages
Throughout my life, I have never considered myself a writer. Though many teachers have expressed their appreciation for my use of tone and personality through my writing, I have always encountered issues with my choice of sentence structure, which resulted in many grammatical and mechanical errors. This feedback allowed me to achieve satisfactory grades, falling short of the A’s I desired. This way of writing followed me through high school and into college. I came into Writing 101 with no aspiration in improving my writing skills. I felt as if I was an everlasting average student, unable to develop my writing ability. This negative outlook changed gradually after I received each grade in my first semester course of college writing. These grades demonstrated the amount of potential I had in becoming a more proficient writer. Excitement consumed me as I found out the first paper in the class would be a literary narrative. This topic allowed me to be more personable and gave me an opportunity to express myself. Although I benefited in creating and developing my ideas on paper, I still had difficulties with the conventions and mechanics.
For this essay, I had to schedule thirty minutes of conference time with my teacher. These mandatory meetings helped me significantly in teaching me many lessons. She explained to me that every time I introduce a new topic, I need to start a new paragraph. This advice urged me to steer away from the five-paragraph format in order for all…

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