Essay on I Have Learned For Writing Skills

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Throughout English Composition 1, I have learned several crucial writing skills. Writing skills that will benefit me in other classes, outside of school, and during my future college years. Not only will these benefit my overall writing and making it flow better, it will all in all make more sense to the readers. Even though I learned many skills and objectives during this semester, four skills really stood out to me. Cohesion, comma usage, the use of satire, and how to write a definitional essay. English Composition. has been a very helpful class and and will not only help me while I am still in high school, but as I move onto college. Although this class is nearly over, these writing skills will carry on with me throughout the rest of my high school career and college. Cohesion: adding transitional words and sentences which helps one follow your train of thought. Through this semester we learned that adding Cohesion is necessary in all papers to make them effective. To have cohesion in a paper is to move cleary from one point to the next, to have repetition of a keyword or phrase, and to overall have better flow in your writing. I feel this is an important writing skill because it makes your work easier to understand. We were assigned to write an essay using cohesion; mine was titled; “School or Prison?”. Explaining how school seems to be getting more and more alike to a prison it seems like. “What is school? School is 8 hours a day. School lasts 32 weeks. School is 180…

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