Essay about I Have Done Well This Week That Helped Students Learn

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Things I have done well this week that helped students learn:
Taken a step back. After the stress of last week, Ms. Rozanski and I thought it was important for me to settle down and get back into a regular routine. You have to realize when a certain situation is not helpful to anyone least of all students. Had I started teaching in Ms. Rozanski’s room sooner than I am, I would not be very effective. I took the time I needed to readjust to the new room, students and teacher as well as move forward from the stress of last week. I will be more effective for the students I have now as I start teaching this week.
I took in everything I watched Ms. Rozanski do this week. I am looking forward to starting in her room but because of the observation time I had this week I will be able to use many of her methods to help students with the transition from her to me. They have been learning from her for almost two months and since I am being dropped on them suddenly it will be important to maintain as much of Ms. Rozanski’s style as I can. This way their learning is not interrupted too much.
Offered support to my cooperating teacher during parent, teacher and counselor meeting. This past Wednesday, Ms. Rozanski had a meeting with a student’s mother and the guidance counselor. I asked to sit in on the meeting. The student being discussed has been a particular problem in Ms. Rozanski’s sixth period class. She has had several behavior issues that have been frustrating Ms.…

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