Classroom Staffing Essay

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Thank you - To those of you who have been alone in the classroom because of staffing issue, I would like to say thank you for your patience and extra effort in ensuring the class runs as smooth as possible, and the children are cared for, happy and safe.
Absences and Call Outs - There has been excessive call outs over these past few months
• Staff will have to submit a doctor’s note if absent for several days due to illness, and if you call out for being sick.
• Excessive call out will affect your eligibility for raises.
Classroom Supervision & Ratio - No one is to leave their classroom unattended causing your classroom to be out of ratio. There has been countless times that we have had staff leave and one person is left in the classroom. Management is limited in coverage because of daily call outs. So, if you need to go to the
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Fall Fest/Creative Dress-Up Parade - Will begin promptly at 3:30 p.m. After your classroom has walked in the parade please return to your classrooms to begin your Fall Fest Celebrations. Please notify the parents when you enter your classroom that the inside activities will only last an hour and remind them of the time the activities will end.

9. Thanksgiving Day Luncheon - Will be held on November 21, 2016 for all classrooms, and will commence between 11:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. Please make sure you speak with your parents to let them know that for the luncheon only two parent representatives will be permitted to attend.

10. Please do not use the copier in the Teacher’s Lounge to make your classroom bulk copies. The toner is being replaced almost weekly. We use the quotas issued to each teacher to determine what our average copy production is and the cost for replacement. If your quota does not reflect daily usage it will be reduced.

11. Increases - Performance Based Increases will be given based on some of the following but not limited to;

• Attendance
• Meeting deadlines; Lesson Plans, as well as other requested

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