The Most Important Things I Relearned In Class

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The majority interesting thing I learned in class is that the mind can be your best friend or your enemy. The thing is it is not truly the minds fault. Another thing I found interesting is how misguided society is. However, knowing that society has a negative view towards numerous things we talked about in class, for example, depression, certain types of drugs, abnormal behaviors, etc was not surprising. It is startling how I questioned countless things and during class, many of my questions were answered or reflected upon. I found countless things interesting, enough to talk and debate with other people outside of class and research during breaks and lunch time at work. I believe what struck me was when we went over memory. The whole idea of forgetting memory by suppression and repression is what received my attention the most. Reason why is because, as a kid, I went through a lot of bad things, things which I should have probably seen help for. …show more content…
I learned that I do have a lot more stress than I originally thought and I need to deal with it properly. I need to find a good outlet and keep doing that advice of picking two times and stress then really worked. I thank you for that. I also relate to certain topics I should again, properly get help for. Things from certain situations from the past that relate to memory, depression, dealing with living a better and having a healthy life style is what making me think of change. I also realized that while it is not always the minds fault for what happens, you cannot put all the blame on it, but rather, accept it and move on, deal with it, and try to make it your strength. This is the biggest and important thing I learned about myself and how things work. I also learned I like psychology and would like to go into the field. The last part helps me decide on what to do for my career project in a different

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