I Have A More Balanced Classroom Essay

734 Words Nov 10th, 2016 3 Pages
I have been looking a lot into how to have a more balanced classroom. What I mean by that is having a more blended learning environment for the children in school. Nowadays project-based learning is a much bigger deal in schools. Many poor people now in this generation agree the digital learning classrooms hope alive when the teacher isn’t able to as much. We have learned from experience that children can learn effectively I’m using technology such as computers and phones and tablets. Now, even though we have had technology for a long time, people are just now realizing how important it can be made at a classroom or in most settings. However, there are many resources and people who believe that students could have too much time with technology and that could interfere with their social lives and the learning. In my own experience, I have seen in a classroom that I have been observing the children find learning off of technology extremely fun and it’s also educational to them. As an example,” a child in my class was telling me how exciting it is to do his math game because they make the game into like a videogame for the children but then also Kristen on math problems during the game.” While technology could you help teach the students technology and still not be there for the students as a teacher can be. Teachers are still like the parents of the classroom, where they must give the students love, trust, and acknowledgment. The teachers are also there for guidance and…

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