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This report is comprised of the three primary values/virtues I believe an Ethical leader should poses in the modern business marketplace. 1. Diligence 2. Reliability 3. Forbearance
With each of these values I have argued my position using examples of real life incidents where a single decision lead to tragedy. The research was conducted mainly through legally produced documents from each incidents inquiry into the events which caused each independent situation. I have used moral theory to relate these situations to modern business ethics, this gives practical application to ethical decision making and leadership skills. The summation of findings concludes that the values and virtues required of an
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Rockefeller Jr”( “Noblesse Oblige”, 2014)

Diligence: The attention and care legally expected or required of a person (as a party to a contract)

Elliot Lake Ontario is a small community which houses only one major shopping mall with a population of approximately 12,000 (“Key Statistics”, 2014). June 2012, this building collapsed killing two people and ended the careers and livelihoods of many people in the community. The presiding reason that was determined by the Elliot Lake inquiry was a “lack of diligent maintenance and proper corrective actions.” (SAGE: Seniors Action Group of Elliot Lake). According to the Elliot Lake inquiry (Belanger, 2014), three owners who all owned the mall back to back, allowed the structure to continue, further and further, into deterioration despite its visible and notable presence of leakage and the public’s numerous reports that were held up with bureaucratic red tape.
“It was a human monumental failure” Paul Belanger says in the Elliot Lake inquiry report, born of “apathy, neglect, indifference through mediocrity and incompetence” of a long series of city and provincial officials whose very job it was to protect the public. (News; Belanger, 2014)
Commissioner Paul Belanger notes engineering reports

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