I Am Writing This Semester Essay

777 Words Jun 2nd, 2016 4 Pages

I am writing this letter to better explain what went on this semester that led to my severe depression that left me unable to attend class at times. My break up with Joe was no ordinary break up, it was a devastating loss for me because I was betrayed also by my best friend of five years, Kelsea.

In August my best friend moved into my house after her mom physically abused her. My first semester of college was consumed by her drama, but we accepted her into our family and loved her like family. With the help of my mom, we gave her a stable home, shelter, food, clothing, all our love. My mom reached out to Murray State and advocated to get Kelsea a scholarship for a dorm, and she had a room in Hart for fall and spring semesters, but she continued living in our house, having her own room there, being part of my family since August. During this time, she surpassed being my best friend, and really became more like a sister. Kelsea and I were basically attached at the hip and did everything together.

The next semester, while in your acting class I met Joe and we started dating. He and Kelsea clicked right away which I thought was good for my best friend and my boyfriend to get along so well, but then things started getting weird. They started spending their free time with each other and sometimes without me, and their relationship seemed to start crossing the platonic friendship line. Even my grandma commented on how close they were and how touchy feely they…

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