Essay on I Am Working As An Lvn

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Presently, I am working as an LVN. Although I enjoy helping people and working in this field, I realize the scope of my practice is limited by the degree of my current license. Hence, I would like to pursue a R.N to help me obtain a more advanced and rewarding career in the nursing field.

I believe that LA County College of Nursing is the great place to continue my career in nursing. The faculty members and opportunity for extensive clinical experience is inspiring. Also NCLEX passing rate is one of the top among other schools. Which conclude me that LA County College of Nursing provide highest quality RN program and well guide students to prepare to pass the exam.

There are two people who are influential and supportive in helping me to make my decision to become an R.N. First person is the medical director of Global Cosmetic Clinic. He perused me to study more to be a RN since I start working in his office as an LVN. He supported me to go to school by changing my working schedule every semester when I was taking prerequisites courses in college. And second person is my mother. She supported me when I told to start LVN school in my late 20s. After I successfully finish my LVN courses, she encouraged and pursed me to go back to school for the advanced education. Without these two people, I would not be able to challenge myself to get higher education.

Yes. I have work experience influence on my decision to be an RN. I had a patient who ranks medical officials and treat…

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