I Am Talking About Cathedral High School Essay

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At a first glance, it was viewed as an abandoned elementary school that was deteriorating physically, a place that was losing hope and a place that no one would ever want to go to. I am talking about Cathedral High School on 310 Main St, Wilbraham, also known as my second home. Waking up at 6:45 and going to the bus stop was a daily routine for myself. Standing there the first day, I was circled up with 3 friends whom I had known from middle school. Shortly however as the days progressed, that radius doubled and continued to grow. Day after day the morning circle became our second nature, followed by a 20-minute bus ride to a place that greeted us with a weathered sign reading “Memorial Elementary School.” Following that sign was the real place we were headed to, in purple and white, it read Cathedral High School. Now outsiders looking in had no other things to associate with Cathedral other than the large potholes leading up to the school and the poorly maintained building and surroundings. However, for the Cathedral community, and myself we saw a totally different picture than the public.
When told the name Cathedral High School, most people would have no idea what it was, other than as the name alludes to; a high school. To the ordinary human being, the legacy and the passion the school had would be unknown. For myself, when I looked at the school, I didn’t focus on the visual aspects. Instead, I focused on the real things that developed the name: the facility and…

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