Essay about I Am Planning For Higher Studies

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I Mummadi Sharath Chandra, completed my undergraduate studies in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Sri Indu College Engineering and Technology under Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. I am planning for higher studies and seeking admission to the master’s program in Computer Science from XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX University. In the subsequent paragraphs, I have summarized my educational background, the incentive to take up graduate study and my areas of interest.
Looking back through the years, my schooling at the Triveni High School, Hyderabad, laid the foundations required for the education to me. I had a strong inclination towards Mathematics and Sciences and this basic interest led me to choose Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as major subjects in my high school. Since childhood, I used to get fascinated by the stuff like computers, televisions and other electronic gadgets around me and always wanted to know how they operate. Later I found that the subject “electronics” is the backbone for their functioning. This interest in technology impelled me to choose Electronics and Communications in undergraduate study.
During my undergraduate studies, I understood the importance of computer technology and developed a keen interest in computer science related subjects like C language, Computer organization, etc. and I felt that having an in-depth knowledge in computer science would make me a well rounded individual after…

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