Essay about I Am My I First College Writing I Didn 't Consider Myself

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When I first started College writing I didn 't consider myself to be a very strong writer. After completing the entire semester I feel that this class overall has helped me to improve my skill level as a writer. At the start of the semester my anxiety level was very high and I expected to struggle in this class. When I was in high school I had a strong dislike for writing and as a result I wasn 't very good at it.My experience in this class has been completely different and I have actually surprised myself with my overall performance. This class helped me to improve my writing skills, structure a paper correctly, and overall has increased my confidence in my own ability as a writer. When I think of the improvements that I’ve made as a writer, there are a few that I feel drastically stand out. The first improvement I have achieved is in my overall ability to formulate my ideas and thought into complete sentences. I have always struggled with this area. I have learned in this class to write my thoughts down and make a diagram of where I 'm trying to go and by following the proper flow of an essay this process has become much clearer to me. A second area that this class has aided me in improving is with process for conducting research. I have learned how to use credible resources to support the topic that I am writing about and where to b. find those credible resources. Improving this skill has helped save me a tremendous amount of time when I am researching the topic…

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