Essay on I Am From Washington State

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Definition - " to give attention with the ear; attend closely for the purpose of hearing; give ear." (Listening, n.d.)

Example - I am from Washington State and in Seattle, Washington there is a street market called Pike 's Place. Inside Pike 's Place, right up front is a fish market where the employee 's behind the counter will throw large fish at the employee standing outside the display case to interact with the visiting public, sometimes to just throw back and forth, but other times to place on the ice bar where visitor 's can view and purchase the fish. This job requires listening, not only to hear what the guys (employee 's) on the floor are saying and then doing, but because it is a tourist attraction where lots of people gather, to hear customer 's needs and wants.

Website - A website that offers instructions on how to develop better listening skills is


Definition - " confidently aggressive or self-assured; positive: aggressive; dogmatic:" (Assertiveness, n.d.)

Example - A lawyer needs a level of assertiveness in order to attract, retain clients, and appear in court. A lawyer 's job is not always the high paying job we think all lawyer 's enjoy. Many lawyer 's are just trying to pay their student loans and survive pay check to pay check. They need to show a client that they are capable to being as good as the high paying lawyer 's even if they work on a sliding scale.…

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