I Am As A Writer Essay

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To explain who I am as a writer I think we would need to step back and look at who I was as a reader. From a young age, I was horrible at reading. I would put in special programs that would have me read books to younger grade children to make it seem like I knew how to read. Well, at least I thought I knew how to read. When it came down to it I was three reading levels below my class. This was in third grade. In third grade, I was three reading levels below my class so you could only believe how low my writing was. I was a student that was never confident in writing because I was always the student that was below average. Now that we have the base of where I was let’s move a little forward into the fourth grade.
This was the beginning preparation for our state writing tests I believe. Honestly, it was so long ago that I don’t remember the grades exactly. It doesn’t matter though because this was the time that I decided that I wasn’t a writer. I don’t know grammar, punctuation, conventions, and spelling. All I had in my writing was my voice. I was so proud of my voice at that time. When my writing state test scores came back and it was two’s across the board I was hit hard. The only thing that gave any beacon of hope was that four sitting in the voice column. So, I can’t write about their prompts in the way they want me to, fine! At least I know that I can show who I am in my writing, but that was never enough for teachers.
I still had to continue to write in school and…

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