I Am An International Student Essay

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Elyssa Lim, a Junior at Chaminade University, Hawaii, majoring in Psychology said, “One of the most important things I’ve left behind, as an international student, was comfort. The comfort of my own culture, the comfort of being surrounded by people of the same likeness, and the comfort of my citizenship status. Because I’m an international student, I constantly struggle with trying to see if I qualify for certain jobs, internships, and the like. I miss the comfort of having no limits to what I can do. Coming to college and being put in uncomfortable situations proved as a challenge for me. I always told myself that I wasn’t homesick, but there was always this gnawing feeling I felt, it was as though I was forgetting something, which usually left me anxious throughout the week. It wasn’t until I heard people at school talking in the same language I had left behind. Weirdly enough, it brought such a calm blanket-like feeling over me, like as if I could finally fall asleep properly. I befriended some people of the group and we talked about what we missed, where we lived, who we knew, etc. It helped to have that kind of connection.” Each international students have proved Fernando Santoro’s study. There was a statement were he mentioned that saudade is proceeded from a memory that wants to renew the present. He said, “by means of the past in a loving soul that is restrained by the limits of its condition, whatever that might be (Santoro, 2014).” Each international students…

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