Nacirema Culture Essay

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After reading the article on the Nacirema people and their culture, I felt that they are a materialistic society. The article describes their experience with the medical system as more of a cosmetic approach. The rituals that they passed down to their children, show that appearance is of high importance in their culture. The most valuable place for the Nacirema people to spend their time, is the shine which includes the chest full of charms and the font. As a whole, the Nacirema people are excessively proud with their appearance and they use this to calculate how many relationships they hold with others. For them, an uncommon facial feature may be grounds for isolation from others and loss of social interaction. I find no difficulty in respecting …show more content…
This lack of medical attention leads to an influx of diseases developing within their communities due to their lack of primary prevention. Personally, I schedule check-up appointments with my physicians to monitor my health and wellness with blood work and physical exams. Compared to the Nacirema culture, my health choices target an upstream approach of health care. With their culture in mind, I would urge the people to see visit the medicine men at least once a month until they completely understand their health. It may be difficult to relate this information to the community without being culturally destructive because they may feel like my suggest is targeting them for not being health conscious. To further analysis their determinants of health I would need to know their prosimity to a health facility and their socioeconomic status. In their culture, the Nacirema visit latipso when they are in need to medical attention. Unfortunately, the latipso requires them to bare gifts upon arrival and if they are seen by the medicine men due to an emergency, then they aren’t permitted to leave unless they hand over the gifts. Another piece of crucial information would be to know their beliefs on the purchase of health insurance. If they do not feel it is necessary to have health insurance then I would need to education them on this topic as

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