I Am An Effective Father Essay example

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When we were young girls, we loved to play houses, my favorite part was the role of dolls’ mother, changing their tiny outfits, walking the dolls through the courtyard in a pink stroller, and even taught them how to cook rice or write my name; do you remember my imaginaries bedtime stories and songs?. At that time, the mom’s role was effortless, I also expressed my desire to raise many children. Many years later, I had my first child, it was then that I realized I was no playing houses anymore, I had numerous questions unanswered. The critical question was: How to raise my daughter to grow into a successful adult? While I was pregnant I read several books about parenting, the definition of the words “parenting” or “parents” was worthy to read, but none describes the steps to become an effective father. After my second daughter was born, I partially reached the answer for my question; from my point of view to raise children to grow into successful adults, the parents need to provide unconditional love, reciprocal respect, and establish consistent discipline. Certainly, love is the key in raising children, it is not merely love, is unconditional love; without limits, without nothing in return. For example, when my 4 year old girl was younger, she knew when she was doing something wrong, and then she told me, “Do you love me Mommy?” Parents need to give love even when children misbehave, children need to know that punishment or reprimand not mean not to love them. On the…

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