I Am A Successful Engineer Essay

1952 Words Sep 10th, 2015 8 Pages
Introduction: Lifelong learning is the idea that one will keep striving to gain a broader knowledge throughout their career. In engineering, lifelong learning is a very important concept because the industry is constantly advancing and what is taught is school becomes outdated in a matter of years. If one wishes to stay relevant in the industry and not have their knowledge become outdated, they should constantly be trying to learn more about the changes in their industry. The purpose of this assignment is to map out the steps I plan on taking to ensure that I am a successful engineer.
Diagnose Learning Needs: Lifelong learning is a very large idea but the best way to approach it is by breaking it down into specific areas in which I can focus my attention on. The field that I aim to go into would be the cycling industry. To be more specific, I am trying to get into frame building for high end aerodynamic road bikes. When it comes to being an engineer for a cycling company, there are a lot of skills that are needed because the same team will create the design and will carry out all of the research and development that needs to be done in the testing phase. There is a lot to learn because the entire design process is typically done by the same group. Understanding the physical fundamentals and math behind the design is only a small part in making me more relevant in the field. The following skills are the additional aspects that really make someone a valuable asset. One of…

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