Essay on I Am A Psychology Major At The University Of Arizona

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I am a Psychology major at the University of Arizona. My graduation date is May 2017 and once I graduate I plan to move to New York. I just recently declared my major and I had a lot of trouble finding a major that I liked. I am very indecisive and thinking about the future also frightens me. That is why trying to pick two careers to talk about in-depth is very difficult for me, but after extensive research into different career paths I could take with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology I have found two different careers that I believe I would enjoy and would support me in the future. I decided to pick a career that requires further education past a bachelor’s degree and a career that does not. The two careers I have picked are a special education teacher and a Psychologist. A special education teacher does not always need postsecondary education, but all states require a bachelor’s degree. All states require teachers to be licensed. A Psychologists does need a master’s degree and a Psy. D. or Ph. D. The hours a special education teachers works are regular school hours. Most work a regular 10-month school year with 2-month break during summer unless working during the summer in a program. Some teachers can work in a district with year-round schedule. This means they will work for 8 weeks then have a 1 week break and have a 5 week midwinter break (Bureau). I believe this is a type of schedule that I would enjoy. I plan on having kids in the future and being a teacher would be…

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