I Am A Most Person Essay

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1) “Tell me something about yourself” I stare at the page as a bead of sweat drips down my hot forehead, my eyes widening and head pounding. What is there about me which is special? Who am I. That’s not necessarily a question; rather an incomplete story. So let me tell you who I, Samar Moghal, am. There are not many things about myself which I really truly understand besides one fact. I am ambitious. If I set my mind to a goal I will fight until I can no longer fight. However, I was not always like this. The person that is me now is not the same person born on the 28th of May, 2000. That was me fifteen years ago on the day I took my first breath. Nor am I the same person from just a year back. I am Samar. Fifteen years, three months and eleven days old. Today I am a different person than yesterday and tomorrow I will be a different person than today. I was born In Karachi, Pakistan and spent the first three years of my childhood in Karachi. Unfortunately, I do not remember my time spent there as I was only a young child. Shortly after my family moved to Canada, I started school! I was one of those odd students who would be beyond excited to start school. My excitement lasted until grade nine, However, now I think I enjoy sleeping in a bit more. Even if I enjoy my sleep, school to me is really enjoyable, especially high school. To me, high school is not here to torture me with homework, or stress me to the point of hatred, it is a boot camp for the rest of my life. Just…

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