I Am A Member Of The Sergeant Morales Club Essay

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SMC Essay
Why do I desire to be an SMC member, how can I contribute to and improve the SMC Program, and how do I exercise stewardship in the Army profession?”
There are many reason why I desire to become a member of the Sergeant Morales Club (SMC). Primarily is because is an organization of top caliber Non Commissioned Officers (NCO’s) that dedicate time and experience in helping Soldiers and the community. Helping young Soldiers and Leaders reach their maximum potential is a time-honored military tradition. Being an active member and giving back to the community is something that I can have a bigger impact by being a SMC member. Pride in everything we do and to always lead by example as NCOs is a must. Inspiring young Soldiers and NCO’s to reach their maximum potential as a human being and as a Soldier is something that I always focus in my leadership styles. Being a member of SMC I can have a bigger impact, as the focus would be much greater. As a SMC member some of my ideas to enhance and promote mentorship would be a lot easier to accomplish, as some of the SMC members have a lot of experience and influence in the military community. In conclusion it is all about using all the skills we have as leaders and human beings and putting them back for the Soldiers and the community.
My contribution to the SMC would be to bring up some of the ideas I had in mind to promote mentorship and leader development. After talking with a few Soldiers that are attending or just graduated…

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