I Am A Good Leader Essay

927 Words Dec 18th, 2016 4 Pages
I have been a bad leader.
Being a leader happens without money, without authority, and without anybody. It starts with leading ourselves.
I always defined my leadership strength based on my own success. Now I understand that most important by far: I care about the success of others more than I care about my own success. Everyone around me needs to ultimately become better than me. That’s how I am supposed to lead. The light is in front of me and I take them to the light and then go back. If all the people around me achieve more than I do, then life will be good. It doesn’t matter if they are colleagues, friends or class mates. If we just focus on this one principle in all of our actions then we are leaders. Today, I want to figure out how the people around me can have successful days.
I always imagined a good leader as someone who concludes their day by saying, "I did an amazing job today". Now I know that not every day is going to be fun and amazing for a leader. Because some days are not. But as a leader I should make sure every day that those who work with me have at least one thing they can be grateful for. Maybe they learned a new skill. Maybe they met a new client and created value for that client. Maybe a client they hated was fired because I can’t let my employees get the disease that bad clients are all too happy to spread.
Everyone has pain they don’t want to feel. For instance, someone might feel pain if someone makes fun of their looks. So they do things to hide…

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