Essay about I Am A Girl - Original Writing

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Brooklyn was a girl I used to hang out with back when I was in high school. She was the first person I met when I attended my new school. She was a really good friend to me, and since I was new to the school, she made me feel like I wasn 't alone. We would play volleyball a lot and play her x-box whenever I went over to her house after school. She was kind of tall and slim, so when we played volleyball, she would usually beat me because she was in better shape than I was. Behind the volleyball player, gamer though was a really shy girl who never would say anything to hurt my feelings. She would laugh all the time, but it was sort of fake, as if there was something underneath. Brooklyn grew up in Louisiana, back by the woods, and her dad was a construction worker and her mom was a stay at home parent. She had an extreme love for fishing. Her grandfather owned a house right by the lake. So we would spend almost every weekend end there during the school year and we would pretty much never leave during the summer. We would wake up super early and run as fast as we could to the dock. She would always beat me there, of course. We would spend all day just fishing and swimming, leaving only to eat. At night we would sit up late, on the balcony overlooking the lake, and watch all the alligators swimming by. Life in Louisiana was great at for Brooklyn. We would be together a lot, doing all sorts of things. Both of us were enjoying our years of high school, and preparing to be…

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