I Am A Child Raised By A Single Mother That Has Affected My Family

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I was a child raised by a single mother that was ill with cancer since I was 1 year old. Due to this fact I was frequently visiting doctors and hospitals with her. I believe this is how my love for science developed. I loved seeing all the equipment and listening to the doctors explain how they worked. I believe that I lean towards oncology and cellular function of the body due to the high rates of cancer that has affected my family. The most notable and impacting family member is my mother since her story is truly unbelievable.

I am intrigued by a plethora of things in the medical field such as the constant continuation of learning required to grow with the field. I desire nothing more from my career than being able to help patients and seeing them become stronger. I believe there is nothing more gratifying than seeing a patient on the road to recovery. Like most people I want to leave the world a better place than when I enter it, however I believe that all it takes is minuscule changes to affect the world. I believe that keeping a family together by helping them recover from an illness is a significant way to affect the world. I have felt the effects of losing a parent and it is truly heart wrenching, and if I can prevent a child from losing a parent or vice versa I believe I have had a significant impact on the world.

My desire to become a physician runs deeper than my need to help people. My ambition and drive is fueled by the area in which I was raised and my…

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