Essay about Human Resource Office ( Hro )

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Mrs. Paramo has been with this Human Resource Office (HRO) for over three years and has excelled to great lengths due to her great work ethics, as well as her experience and training in the HR Staffing career field. Mrs. Paramo has shown to be a very driven and motivated employee, who is also a quick learner, which has made her a very well-rounded Staffing specialist. She has exceeded the expectations in developing and posting vacancy announcements, providing advisory services to management; and ensuring that all pay affecting actions are processed in a timely manner, with little to no error. Mrs. Paramo continues to excel in the use of USA Staffing, a system used to recruit and hire applicants for positions within the agency. The ability to learn the system at a speedy pace has made her very efficient and effective in decreasing the amount of time it takes to fill vacant positions. Although, the Staffing process has had some challenges, she single-handedly processed hundreds of job vacancy requests and issued certificate of eligibles for both ARNG and ANG positions for our state, while decreasing the process time line. She is very instrumental in training lower graded employees on Staffing processes and procedures. She has exhibited great team relations and leadership ability, and does not hesitate to take on any task and work additional hours when needed. During these challenges the agency would have falling short on several high priority requests, without her hard work…

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