Company Case Analysis Essay

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Q1: What actions would you take if the VP for Finances and IT resigned?
If the VP for Finances and It resigned A resign, in many cases, The talent management in a company must be prepared in order to attend all the situations that can appear.
Analyzing the case of the VP for Finances and IT, there are 3 managing levels below the VP in the area (Finance/IT managers, Accountants etc, IT team leaders). The succession plan shows that there are none emergency successors for VP in Finances and IT. In the first level below the VP, that is supposed to be the “right level” to find the successor, there are 6 people, 5 of the being a potential C and/or D and 1 of them being a potential B ready for move now.
The potential B is the Ms L., the Management
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The HR must give him a special attention and training to develop the required abilities. Doing a rotation with him in the areas would be a good solution to let him know the needs of each are in the meaning of purchasing. Q4: What would you do about succession to VP Communications and Government?
The area of Communications and Government area is a very important area and it have to be very careful in its actions and procedures. Other essential thing is being closely related to the HR area having strategies that come together in order to get an efficient performance of the whole company.
As we can see in the Succession Plan there are neither emergences nor long term-successors to replace Ms G, the today’s VP Communications and Government.

Q5: What do you conclude from examining the ‘talent pool’? What actions would you place on the HR Director?
A talent pool is a skill that focuses on a group of employees, The mean objective of the Talent Pool is get an overview of the employees of a company, seeing their position and establishing some moves that may

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