SWOT Analysis Of Mapco

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Question 1 (a)

Table 1 SWOT analysis for the Mapco the manufacturer of exceptional economic foodstuff using strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and human resource management, accounting and finance, marketing functions.

Looking at Table 1 it is clear that the main part of the business that needs to be strengthened first and foremost is Human Resource Management. Currently the company is a “one man band” consisting only of Mr.Rashid. He mentions in the report that he is suffering from a lack of sleep and is unable to discuss ideas with other employees.

We could safely say that currently all other 22 employees at Mapco are only concerned about executing tasks related to the manufacturing and shipping processes. Through the
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These terms describe two somewhat different concepts that have the same goal, to make sure new staff is happy, motivated and are aware of expectations and business needs.

Induction in generally one or many short sessions where a new person gets briefed on various company policies (e.g.company benefits), procedures (e.g. health and safety) and other functional information that is needed to fulfil the position and be informed. On the other hand, socialisation is more lengthy and less concrete. It is about gaining a deeper insight of the work the company is doing, its business functions and understanding how their role relates to all of these. This process is about the organisational culture, who are the people who make up the firm and what is important for the business.

Because Mapco is looking to build a core managerial team it’s vital that the newcomers understand every part of the business. Mapco could hold an induction week during which the new joiners can shadow various business functions within the company and attend several presentation session structured into different levels as suggested by Flower
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Cost drivers influence Mapco greatly and in this instance these go hand in hand with market drivers. The reason the business can acquire their raw materials at a very low price is because these are considered as byproduct in the western markets due to consumer snobbery. By snobbery I mean that the food market is oversaturated with plenty of readily available foods, which consumers got accustomed to. Therefore we generally dismiss the less appetising parts of fish for instance, and we judge the food by its looks rather than nutritional value. However, people in Africa or other continents who are malnourished and cannot afford the sought after food items see these bits as heaven

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