Working As A Verification Specialist

The Problem Within Organization:
Working as a Verification Specialist gives me the great opportunity to manage and to train employees. It also gives me all the control and responsibility to do all the tasks when my supervisor is not in the office. This give me an opportunity for my co-workers to respect me and to follow my instruction as if I were a supervisor even though I am not. My supervisor knows that I am a diligent employee, so he adds more work to my daily work flow. There are different problems at work, such as when employees report an issue to the supervisor, he is afraid to go to Human Resources to report it. Another issue is the hostile environment that exist at my work place because there is a repetitive pattern of bad behavior
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Also, the candidate needs to verify the information missing on the enrollment services by phone and by mail. The candidate needs to do all the filing. and it is essential that employee types 65 words per minute and do other clerical tasks such as faxing and making copies of Facet documentation. The requirements are that employee should have experience of at least one year in the Health, Dental and Vision Insurance and a High School Diploma. The KSAO’s that the employee needs to have are the knowledge as the experience of worked in a medical Insurance field a year. Since we talk on the phone with clients, the employee needs to be able to communicate professionally with the broker or Human Resources Director. It is necessary to have at least one year of experience working in a Customer Service specialist by knowing the guidelines and procedures of how to solve the issues of the customers. This includes processing request immediately to give access to care to the subscribers. The skills need it for this job is to type and be able to communicate with people. Be friendly and polite. The ability to organized and prioritize the most important in the job, which are the enrollments and the Subs not in the system. The employee needs to use math when calculating the Maximum Age of the dependents, so their benefits get term per the group requests. The candidate must have at least a High School Diploma and a proof of a Business Skills Certificate. The skills the employee needs to have are: Reading comprehension since all the emails require different requests to be accomplish. Speaking fluently in English and Spanish. Reading Comprehension when reading all the 200 emails we get per day and be able to understand the requests. Writing skills are need it to write emails by responding politely and immediately to the providers and groups once the enrollment has

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