Human Resource Manager Essay

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I believe, with today’s youth being as computer literate as they are, that the website would be easy for a teen employee to navigate and understand. The website covers everything that a future teen employee should know. I think it provides an excellent description of employees’ rights and where to go for help in the case of harassment in the workplace. The website also provides past cases which give a good example of what is considered harassment in the workplace. Additionally, I believe that the “Challenge Yourself” exercise could be a good tool to help a teenager who needs the additional benefit of a question which reiterates that they have a good understanding of the material. I also think that website gives an added …show more content…
The first thing I would require is that all new employees attend mandatory training. During this mandatory training I would use the website as a basis of my discussion. I would navigate through the website hitting on the key points of what is considered harassment or discrimination. I would then discuss what their course of action should be if they feel that a situation has arisen that could be considered harassment or discrimination. My next course of action would be to reiterate to the employees that harassment and discrimination of any kind would not be tolerated and would be dealt with at the most severe level. I would use the examples of Real EEOC cases that are shown on the website as good examples of what is not appropriate and what could be expected to happen if there is someone in the company that is facilitating the harassment. I would make sure that employee would get a handout with the website on it as well as contact information for the Human Resource and ethics departments for the company as well as the contact information for the state and federal EEOC branches in the area. During this time I would also hand them some of the free brochure downloads that are available on the website. I would also make these available in the break room or in an easily accessible area of the facility. I would also make them aware that it is their responsibility to

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