Army Recruiter: Business Analysis

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The key functions of are designed to keep a business running like a well-oiled machine. Many people will perform these functions and never know that they are performing these functions. These functions are the daily operations of a business. I am going to talk a little about my own experience as an Army Recruiter as we use marketing and sales every day. I will cover the basic layout of the functions and relate them to how the Army and other businesses use them.

The Production function is the first step in the six functions of a business. This is what most businesses do to make money they produce goods to sell to the public. The Army Recruiting command processes young men and women into the military through a series of test,
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The HR function is all about the human side of a business. Your business will not function without the people that work in it every day. You must take care of your workforce, it is the HR department job to make sure that the workforce has what they need to perform the job, they must have enough employees to perform the job effectively. They also must make sure the team is motivated so they will always put forth max effort. The HR department must also make sure the team is trained in all tasks needed to perform job and maintain a safe environment. The finance function deals with making investment decisions, financial decisions and dividend decisions. With investment decisions this just mean putting your money in the right places you have budget and you must spend your money wisely so you must make sure every dollar spent is on the right thing. You must plan out all of your financial goals because you have to leave enough money to last the entire year. If you spend too much in the first quarter, you may have to make some sacrifices later in the …show more content…
The information function is where you collect, generate and communicate to the people that need to know what is going on in regards to production, marketing, finance, and human resources. The information manager has three duties, information function which receive, collect and record; operational function which is make sure systems and procedures are being followed and the public relations functions. The innovation function used when a new product is introduced. They must think about the best way to market this product or when a new process is introduced, how do you train the team on this procedure. Companies are always looking for new products are ways to improve the business. The Army is no different with the use of social media that is a new way to get yourself out there but you have to have the right tools. Over the last few years the Army has upgraded to smart phones and tablets so that recruiters can be on the go and connect with today’s youth. They must keep working on the innovative apps and programs used to talk to their audience. Business will keep using research and development to keep improving their

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