Human Resource Management ( Hrm ) Essays

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Human Resource Management (HRM) is an important part of every business, large or small. The HRM department is defined as managing of human skills and talents to make sure they are used effectively and in alignment with an organization 's goals (Youssef, 2012). The importance behind the HRM department is to increase the effectiveness and contribution of employees with the organizational goals and objectives. The focus of this paper is to define each section and elaborate on how these area may affect individuals in the work place and even at home. The selections made are; HR planning, recruitment and selection, HR development, compensation and benefits, safety and health, employee and labor relation and EEO and affirmative action.
HR planning Meeting the needs of business and customer demands is the first of the HRM roles. In order to do this the department needs to look at both internal and external environmental changes. While internal affects are built on retirement and more so turnover of employees, the external affects come from economical, customer demands and technologies, just to mention a few. The reality is that some training and skills may be needed at a future date depending on technology and customer demand. The role of the HR department is to be able to prepare for these changes, and this may affect the type and numbers of employees needed to keep the company competitive (Richards, 2015). Measuring employee 's efficiency and maintain or motivating these…

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