Human Relations Case Study

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Jessica Hishida
Pols 2290
Mid Term
November 6, 2017

1. “In order to understand IR its necessary to understand human behavior,”-explain?

International Relations is the communication between one or more nations. The reason for international relations and the communication of the different nations all falls back towards human behavior. The focus of the communication is all about human behavior. Of course, humans make the world go round, but they also destroy it and each other. Humans are the cause of all issues that needed to be addressed internationally, whether it be an individual such as a leader or the whole state.
The Critical Levels of Analysis; individual, state and international system go into effect depending on what level the human
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We communicate with other countries due to things such as Global Warming. Why? Because of Global Warming effects each nation in this world alike. Global warming is also caused by human behavior. We communicate with other nations when we feel the need to support them, for instance, the countries with innocent lives being taken and mistreated. We deliver to other countries for agreements on things from trade deals to things such as Nuclear weapons. Humans make the world go round, good and bad decision from one can affect …show more content…
President Donald Trump is one to use Twitter to get his word out whether it be internal situations within the United States or he be directing his concerns to other countries such as Russia or North Korea. Sometimes his way of expressing himself may seem like it is putting the mainland in danger and can come off as a bit selfish. On another note, Twitter has been used in the past by countries to request help by adding their Red Cross link to obtain donations.
Technology is helpful when it comes to International Relations due to political leaders being able to communicate with other countries and their political leaders in just seconds. We also have drones and satellites that are used when monitoring other nations. This is used today when we follow the movements in North Korea to keep updated on their activities that may threaten other countries.
As mentioned before, President Donald Trump uses Twitter to get his word out. His use of Twitter is terrible because no one knows his real meaning all the time. Things that are said online are often misinterpreted. Miscommunications usually happen with the use of technology rather than face to face

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