The 5 Parts To Good Twitter Calls To Action

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Everyone on Twitter is so caught up in driving their followers numbers, getting retweets, having conversations, and trying to go viral that they forget something: Somewhere in all this you’re trying to market something and drive traffic to it! Let’s not forgot one critical action that is required by everyone person. Creating great Twitter call to actions to drive traffic.

Calls to action (CTA) are an essential aspect of Twitter marketing. Being able to get your followers to do the right thing, right when you want them to, is the most powerful tool in your Twitter tool belt. Take the time to learn about effective CTA components, and see a few examples from real brands, by reading more right now.
The 5 parts to good Twitter call to action
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They don’t go on about the tech. They don’t even mention the price. They simply want people to know when this historical shoe is releasing.
3: Show that you’re a knowledgeable professional

Twitter is informal, but it isn’t like talking to your mates at the pub. You’re still expected to have some level of professionalism. Swearing shouldn’t be in your vocabulary ...unless it’s an integral aspect of your marketing message!
The other part of professionalism on Twitter is showing your expertise while using your calls to action. Simply saying ‘click here’ can get some results, but wrapping your knowledge around a call to action will work even better. Twitter loves experts, and you need to be one about your industry.
The example from Nike above was good as they talked about their decades of history with that shoe. Another one would be this from the NIH ODS who want to warn people about the labels on ‘natural’ products:

Being an expert is an important part of what compels people to take action on Twitter.
4: Give them an
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I’d retweet that! You can also look at actions like this one:

It’s a bit sneaky, but a message like this gets the retweets you’re asking for. Your follower gets some sort of reward, the act of agreeing and ‘voting’ in the latter case, and you get what you want.
Try to make your rewards and contests easier with a tool for social contests. When you succeed on TWitter, truly connecting with a huge audience, it can be difficult to keep up with a good tool!
5: Keeping the CTA flow going

You did it: You used a CTA on Twitter and it got someone to click a link to your website. Hurrah! Now is the page they’re landing on appropriate for the CTA you used? Does it have any sort of continuation from Twitter? Those who click your Twitter links may be people who have never gone to your website before. Don’t expect that they’ll know how to navigate your website, send them to the exact right page.
Here’s a tweet from Les Miserable:

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