Essay about Human Is Not Always Considered Dog 's Best Friend

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"To say nothing, to do nothing, stops nothing" (Roni McCall, Through Their Eyes)

If you walk down any given street in the United States it is almost guaranteed you will see a domesticated animal. And with 86.4 million cats and 78.2 million dogs just in America alone[1], it is no surprise that the dog is considered human 's best friend. However, it might come as a bit of shock to some to know that human is not always considered dog 's best friend. Many people have spent their whole lives fixes and helping the problems that humanity created within their best friends. Dogs that were cast away at birth, left abandoned in the streets to fend for themselves, abused, disposed of at a shelter or left to wander the world around with their owner 's blessings nary a fence in their life. Volunteers in shelters, willing to lend a hand, get the brunt of this work. They come whenever they can to give a dog a walk, some training or even just a nice bath. But it 's never seems enough. Not enough volunteers, not enough room, not enough time. Though many people in America volunteer for some reason or another, very few people realize the impact volunteering especially with animals can have on the world around them and to themselves.

People volunteer for many reasons. If one wanted to know the reason behind a person 's morals for volunteering, one would need to look at a few sociological terms first. On such term is Principlism or in simple terms the free will to do good, the goal to harm…

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