Puppy Mills And Animal Cruelty

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It has been stated that, “Approximately 7.6 million dogs and cats are euthanized yearly” (Bell 3). Due to the large capacity of commercial dog-breeding operations, there are more pets offered than customers desire. Stray animals come in all different shapes and sizes, and any breed could struggle mentally through this disastrous environment. Veterinarians and animal shelters have to make room for new incoming pets, and have no choice but to put down pets that are not claimed by an owner for a restricted time period. Animal cruelty is a crucial problem that needs to be resolved by our doctors and organizations today.
As profits grow for puppy mills, more and more people are beginning to forget the humanities involved with animal cruelty. At
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Puppy mills are defined, “Whenever you are engaging in an industry that uses live animals and is seeking to make as much profit as possible, less money is put into the business, meaning less care is provided for the animals” (“Puppy Mills” 1). However, if the puppy mill organization is not raising money, the animals would not get supplied with food. Puppy mill employees take care of their animals to the very minimum in order to earn the greatest amount of profit at the end of the day. Profit will always be their first priority upon animals. Since the animals are raised in puppy mills soon after birth, their unhealthy behaviors will gain dependence, resulting in having an abnormal lifestyle as they grow older. Profit or not, the animals will have no background of socialization with humans. Animals desperately need more human socialization in the puppy mills, “The only human contact they receive is usually when their cages are cleaned out”(Bell 1). Living in filth could last from a few days to a week for dogs, if they are lucky. Considering the cages are filthy, the dogs are forced to sit, sleep, and eat in their own excrement. As seen from the video, dog cages are stacked up on top of eachother, three to five cages high, causing the animals to constantly go to the bathroom on each other (https://www.youtube.com/user/hsus). Dogs in puppy mills, are walking on …show more content…
When a female can physically no longer reproduce, it is often killed. Most likely, the puppy mill parents do not make it alive out of the mill and the babies are separated from their parents. There are no limits when it comes to breeding in puppy mills, “In their frenzy to breed as many puppies as possible, commercial breeders may let fathers mate with daughters, brothers with sisters” (Bell 2). Forcing animals to mate with their family, reveals the puppy mill’s lack of consideration and affection towards each animal provided. This shows how awful, hopeless employees are distant to the hearts of loving animals living in these horrid puppy

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