Essay on Human Biology And Health Research

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Introduction Nowadays, more and more good medical resource is come to our life, because all the doctors with exquisite skills. Also, it is because of the animal, from fruit flies to mice, are widely used in scientific research. They are the key to enabling scientists to better understand human biology and health, and to develop new drugs (n, 2015). Animals are really important to us, in the back days, they help us a lot with agriculture, translate and so on. Even nowadays they help us a lot too. Also, animals are really cute, and most of them are kind. As we all know, medical research will bring a lot of pain to the animals, sometimes they will die. So some people do not want to let them in the medical research anymore, but some people think animals do that is really helpful, and it is good to do. Animals as medical research will develop the medical resource, it really helps for people to research and development of new medicine. In this paper I will present alternative position on the topic of “should animals be used in medical research”, and I will write “double face” about this question, one is animals should be used for medical research and they should not.
PRO: Perspectives in Favor
Animals was used in medical research can really help human with the medical part, so they should be used in medical research. First, animals are the good sample for the medical research. Second, we use the animals to do any researches, but researchers will not kill animals. Thired, animals…

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