How Withinness Has Made A Significant Impact On The Development Of A Positive Classroom Climate

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“Withitness,” a term coined by Jacob Kounin, is defined as “the art of running a classroom while having eyes in the back of your head” (
Thesis: Withinness has made a significant impact in the development of a positive classroom climate, despite many critics. Kounin’s contribution is significant and remains an important part of classroom management still today.
Withitness can be used in the classroom in a myriad of ways. Kounin’s key teachings of withitness is being able to have “eyes in the back of one’s head.” This technique, or superpower many children believe to be real, is being able to foresee problems, stop issues before they turn into major problems and being able to keep control of the class all in one. Being able to accomplish this, Kounin suggests that a teacher should be attentive and aware at all times of every single student in the class. This requires great multitasking skills. If a student is acting up, there are various ways to go about handling the situation by using withitness. If it is something that is foreseen, such as the student typically squirms in their seat before acting out, a teacher can calmly walk closer towards the child or even lightly tap on the desk. This shows that the teacher is paying attention to what they are doing and that they should as well. If a more drastic approach needs to be taken, a teacher could calmly say something to the student quietly, as not to make a scene (Kounin).
Kounin suggests that…

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