How Will The Museum Affect The Environment? Essay

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When looking at a piece of art one can admire the sense of wonder and beauty it holds. If
Someone where to suggest that this same situation could be experienced under water, one would think that person was out of their minds. In Spain there is such a place, it is called The Atlantic
Museum. A place where one could experience viewing a connection between nature and art under the ocean. This seems too good to be true, the only concerning question is if it 's a good idea to have an underwater museum. There is a high possibility that it could harm the marine life and the surrounding coastal ecosystem. Some question to be asked are; how will the museum affects the environment? Dose the environment benefits from it? What kind of long term effects will it have on the ecosystem? Some considered the Atlantic museum a wonderful connection between the relationship with nature and ar. That the museum will not only portray this but will try to help the world around it at the same time.

There is a major problem with reaming coral reefs today, most are dying and are not producing enough life and food to the surrounding marine life. “Coral reefs are in deep trouble worldwide. According to the World’s Resources Institute’s 2011 report, Reefs at Risk, at least 75% are already threatened, and as reefs offer shelter to a quarter of all marine species, that is very bad news indeed. As the oceans absorb the increased carbon dioxide produced by our activities on land, they have become more…

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