How Turning Points Affect People's Life

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How do turning points affect peopleś lives? A turning point can be described as a positive or negative change in someone's life or in history. In the autobiography “ I Never Had It Made” by Jackie Robinson, the memoir,” Warriors don't Cry” Melba Pattillo Beals, and the article, “ The Father of Chinese Aviation” by Rebecca Maskell, each of the individuals face turning points. Jackie Robinson, Melba Pattillo Beals, and Feng Ru, all faced life changing experiences that change both their lives and their countries.

Jackie Robinsonś life changed when he became the first black man to play in the world series and major league baseball at a time of segregation in America.Jackie Robinson faced a life changing experience such as the moment when
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In paragraph 16 the text states “Proud that I lived in a country that would go this far to bring justice to a Little Rock girl like me, but sad that they had to go to such great lengths.” This quote shows how she was helping to improve civil rights but at the cost of significant danger and anger from protesters against integration. The events challenged Beals because she faced racism and in doing this she grew and developed character. In paragraph 18 the text states “Step by step we climbed upward-where none of my people had ever before walked as a student.” This quote shows how she has created new opportunities for African americans.Despite the challenge of the events Beals develop pride in her country and understood the sacrifice of country made for equal rights.In paragraph 16 the text states “Yes, this is the United States, I thought to myself.There is a reason that I salute the flag.” This quote shows how beals believed that america was the land of freedom and equality. Melba Beals responded to events by facing racism and persevering through the challenges to get equal education. In paragraph 16 the text states “ If these guys just go with us this first time, everything’s going to be okay.” This quote …show more content…
Jackie Robinson, Melba Pattillo Beals, and Feng Ru, all faced life-changing experiences that change both their lives and their countrie Father of Chinese Aviation. the life-changing experience that thing Ruth faced was he emigrated from China to United States and was inspired by industrialization. this knowledge and the Wright brothers motivated him to build, design an airplane. In paragraph 4 it states “ he was staggered by Americans power and prosperity, he understood that industrialization made the country great, and felt that industrialization could do the same for China.” This quote shows how Feng Ru shows how America's industrialization made the country great and decided that he would also do it as well to make China great.These events challenged Feng Ru forced him to endure or working conditions, natural disasters, failed efforts, and long Hours. “San Francisco's massive earthquake and resulting fire forced to relocate to Oklahoma Land instead we're funded by local Chinese businessman Fang erected his Workshop - a 10 - by 8 - footsac Shack.” This quote shows how how thing where was challenged in America because of his financial issues as an immigrant. Despite the challenges feng Ru faced the events caused Feng Ru to grow and develop by becoming the first apply off Chinese soil and become knowledge in Aviation. Also Feng Ru responded to his endeavor to bring Aviation to China

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