How To Become A Student Leadership?

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In today’s society, the definition of leadership is ever-changing and is always being improved. As a leader, my mission is to treat everyone equally and give them the respect they deserve. Overall this semester, I have not been able to achieve any major leadership accomplishments. I am currently working on completing my certification, in order to become a Certified Student Leader (CSL). As a full-time and working student, it has always been very difficult for me to get involve on campus, but this semester I have made a commitment to improving my leaderships for both the present, and the future. By completing the CSL program, I will not only improve my leadership skills, but I will also become even more determined to participate on campus and …show more content…
I have been doing some research and improving on my skills as a leader. Becoming a leader is not a talent, job or position. Leadership can be rewarding and difficult at the same time. In today’s society, “the kind of leadership necessary to move social movements forward is very different from the type of leadership required in a military setting, especially on the battlefield. A more sharpened focus on leadership processes versus individual leader traits and behaviors deepens our understanding of the complexities and interactive nature of leadership” (Komives, Lucas and McMahon 2013, 46). My goal is to understand how to face the complexities in life as a leader to communities, universities, organizations, the workplace and the world. As a leader, you have to lead by example and you always have to remember that someone is always observing you. As a leader, one has to understand how to react to situations and the difference between right and …show more content…
In order to improve myself as a leader, I want to be able to communicate clearly with people around me, to interpret individuals properly and to understand their opinions, rather than, take what they say personally. I want to be able to display the characteristics of a leader to my peers and students that look up to me. As a leader, one should understand how to communicate with a diverse array of individuals. Recently, I have challenged myself to listen to others and how to become patient, especially during a conversation. Also, during conversations that interest me, I tend to state my own opinion and anyone who does not agree with me, I would ignore them.
Again, in order to become an astonishing leader, one has to be able to use empathy in order to understand the experiences of others from their point of view, imaging how they feel, and connect with the emotions others are experiencing when they communicate (Komives, Lucas and McMahon 2013, 220). Which is why, one of my goals to achieve by the end of this class is to be able to understand what others are feeling, when expressing their opinions and to be able to encourage them, rather than becoming abrasive towards

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