How To Be A Teaching Assistant Essay

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One of my most challenging obligations this semester was being a teaching assistant (TA) for the Introductory to Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Psychology of Aging classes. My responsibilities this semester included, but were not limited to, presenting subject matter to students, tutoring and assisting student individually to help them master assignments and to reinforce learning concepts presented by the professor, distributing tests and homework assignments, and collecting them when they are completed, grading homework and tests, computing and recording results, filing materials, emailing students when necessary, and I also had the opportunity to create an examination. These responsibilities were fairly manageable, but they got challenging when students turned in group assignments with no name, and I will have to go through the roster to know who is in that particular group or when there is a glitch in blackboard and some tests were …show more content…
And, through grading their papers, my writing skills, especially my grammar, improved significantly, and the mistakes that these students made in their writing, I am cautious about those mistakes in my writing.
This whole experience has made me realized what it means to be a good student and what it means to put effort and time into assignments rather than getting them over with at the last minute. Being a TA assisted with enhancing my leadership skills, developing my interpersonal skills such as resourcefulness, giving and receiving feedback, working with diverse populations, and listening without judgment. I was also able to improve on my problem-solving and critical- thinking skills, and most importantly work closely with a faculty member. All of these skills that I have acquired can be transferred to the real

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