How To Be A Physical Therapist Essay

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Each year fifty percent of Americans over the age of eighteen develop a musculoskeletal injury that lasts longer than three months. Thats 108 million people. Out of these 108 million people there is a very good chance that they will utilize the services of a Physical therapist. Physical Therapy is a wide ranging occupation where injuries and conditions of all kinds are treated.
The job of a physical therapist can cover a wide variety of anatomy in the human body. This paired with the great potential for a wide range of physical ailments, deficiencies, and injuries, the educational requirements for the job occupation are considered academically rigorous. Academically there are many different paths to receiving ones Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Although the Physical Therapy degree is only available at the Doctorate level there are many educational programs to help prepare for the career. In an Associate 's degree program students can obtain the knowledge and fundamentals about the profession through both classroom instruction and practical training with a licensed Physical Therapist. Within the Associate 's Degree students are on the path towards a PTA; a Physical Therapist Assistant. Some courses within the designed PTA degree consist
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Physical therapist impact lives in more than one way. They choose to help people get back on their feet and get back to being healthy human beings. The importance of this job goes beyond minimalistic things. The overall results of years of schooling, residencies, and fellowships are more than rewarded with positive results within a workplace. Physical therapists truly make their mark on the world, showing that their are jobs in this world where people care for others because they are truly passionate about it not because “It’s the right thing to

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