How The Internet Has Changed The Development Of Technology Plays A Big Role On Obtaining Higher Education

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In today’s modern world the development of technology plays a big role in obtaining higher education. The Internet contains a massive amount of information that creates a whole new set of generation dependent on it to gain knowledge through research and studies. Before we have a library that we have to go to if we need to do a research, now we call it the Online Library where you can access information digitally without leaving the convenience of your own place. The internet has changed the way we acquire knowledge, if you type what you need to look for in a search engine for example Google it will take at least milli-seconds to get valuable results. It has replaced the traditional way of studying scouring through books in the library that could almost take most of your day. What is it going to be like in the next twenty years? According to Tapscott, “Coursera just announced it will soon be offering more than 200 free massive open online courses, or MOOCs, in conjunction with more than 33 universities”. The Online Learning is being flooded with information almost available to anybody that needed to gain access to it. The idea of putting all this courses online is to develop a program that can help easily to continue their higher education. MOOCs which stands for Massive Open Online Course will be readily available and they are continuing to work on to add more coursework and universities participating in this online education tool. Also Tapscott (2013) suggest,…

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