The Benefits Of Digital Technology And Technology In College Students

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For these days, it is not that surprised to see everyone carries or uses a digital devices on the street. Cellphones, laptops, tablets, these massive types of devices have provided countless helps to our live. As the group of people that receive the most assistance from digital technology, students, especially college students (including me), are highly dependent on the technology. Technology has taken an important role on students’ college career, but as the return, students have gained huge benefit at the same time.
More than Textbook Comparing to the college students several decades ago, the students in modern era can expand their knowledge with the help of digital technology instead of linear learning. With the help of digital technology,
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According to my survey made among the freshmen students in UC Davis, 95% of the participants who filled up the survey carries their digital devices when they attend the lectures. For those who carry their devices, they would absolutely use it during the class. They might have different types of devices, but commonly students’ purpose of using devices are taking class notes (42%) and looking up class-related notes (36%). It is not that surprised to see such a result because we are living in an age of technology. In the classroom, they may record the important notes from the professors, at the same time students may look up the questions they have in class at the same time so that they may clarify the information they learn from the …show more content…
However, if students can’t use it properly, it could bring huge trouble on their education. Definitely, Internet can provide plenty of information about anything, however we still need the professors to guide us in the classroom with their instruction. Just like Scott Carlson refers in “The Net Generation Goes to College” that “We (professors) are these ‘guides on sides’ who get the small-group discussions going.” Professors also needs to give correct direction to students to make sure that students are able to gain the maximum benefit from digital

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