Reflection On Exploring Powerpoint To Create Professional Presentations

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Reflect on Exploring PowerPoint to Create Professional Presentations
It is an interesting time for higher education in today’s society. There are questions about the value and effectiveness of online learning, including the overall economic practicality of the traditional brick and mortar university campus. Universities are under a continuous microscope and constant pressure to continuously position themselves for the future. Whether working in an academic setting or an administrative department, individuals are faced with working more efficiently and making some intense decisions. Currently, higher education is not just for professors, a Ph.D. or doctorate degree is not always needed to work at the university level, there is a multitude of
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The one-to-one teaching model or mentorship that NCU strives to deliver, is far above the rest. This benefits the student by creating a more personalized approach to their higher education which gives them the time and attention they deserve. Often times students share detailed information about any prior online education and the pros and cons of completing online schooling. When students open up about past experiences, this simplifies my job as an enrollment adviser with Northcentral University as this relates a need with a benefit. Students hear me describe NCU being truly unique all the time, for I sincerely believe in the product I sell is an opportunity for a better education, both personally and professionally. At NCU the class size is one. With a teaching style so unique, it is difficult not to …show more content…
The main purpose of any presentation, whether it is visual, oral, or written comes down to communication. To successfully communicate, the facts must be stated in a brief, simple and stimulating manner. Individuals learn more freely and remember more information when learning is reinforced by visualization (Kmalvand, 2015). This course has provided the learner with a great deal of information to apply in academe, workplace and business. These tools from Presentation Software will help when identifying with the audience, planning, and organizing key points, while presenting an engaging presentation. The amount of data covered in this course was perfect for a novice using PowerPoint Presentations. Only suggestion for this course would be to offer this class as part of the foundation courses, starting at the beginning of a program, rather at the very end, there is far too much valuable information to wait until the conclusion of this program. However, I know the skills learned over the course of this class will last me a life time when preparing future

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