Reflection On Exploring Powerpoint To Create Professional Presentation

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Reflect on Exploring PowerPoint to Create Professional Presentations
It is an interesting time for higher education in today’s society. There are questions about the value and effectiveness of online learning, including the overall economic practicality of the traditional brick and mortar university campus. Universities are under a continuous microscope and constant pressure to continuously position themselves for the future. Whether working in an academic setting or an administrative department, individuals are faced with working more efficiently and making some intense decisions. Currently, higher education is not just for professors, a Ph.D. or doctorate degree is not always needed to work at the university level, there is a multitude of other roles, other than faculty members.
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After thoroughly examining Northcentral University, it is determined that they are exactly what they claim, a premier online graduate university, aiming at excellence in higher education. In addition, Northcentral University holds several of the most prestigious regional accrediting bodies, including, WASC Senior College and University, Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education and Teacher Education Accreditation Council (Accredited Online University & Graduate Degree Programs | Northcentral University, n.d.). Both regional and programmatic or professional accreditations ensure current and prospective students that the quality of education they receive from NCU will meet the standards for higher education. These accreditations along with teaching model, justify paying for the tuition. From my standpoint, both inside and outside the university, NCU is a wonderful online university to work for and be employed

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