How The Government Protects Liberty Essay

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How does the United States government, to this day, preserve the liberty of its citizens? This is a well-known question and is often a subject for debate. Such a broad question has a complex web of many different answers each as equally correct as the last, but for this purpose, we will only examine three of the many possible answers for how the government protects liberty. These three ways are explained in great depth by James Madison in Federalist No. 51 (The Federalist Papers). Madison believed that the three-way division of power in the national government, the special relationship between branches of government, and the legislative branch being split into two houses, together, as laid out in the Constitution, secure “the preservation of liberty.”
Initially, the Constitution’s first way to prevent majority rule is the tripartite division of power in national government. This is also known as separation of power. The national government is split into three powers or branches. The Constitution lists these branches as the legislative branch, the executive branch, and the judicial branch. Each branch had its own certain powers. The framers separated these powered because they did not want any one branch of government to become too powerful.
The legislative’s chief purpose or main power is to make the laws. Being the biggest branch, The legislative branch is split into two houses to keep it from becoming too powerful. The executive branch executes the law and is…

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